Embird Embroidery Dog Designs

More than 700 photo-realistic embroidery stock designs!


Updated November 2021

About Our Designs

Our dog, cat and horse stock designs are programs (also called embroidery patterns) for home and industrial computerized embroidery machines.

We create our stock designs with Embird embroidery software. Most patterns fit the standard hoop 100x100mm (4"x4").

Realistic fur effect was achieved with use of large number of manual stitches running at various angles. In contrast to a plain-stitch fills, manual stitches are not homogenous and cannot be recalculated to a new size while preserving density at the same time. These stock designs are not resizable in any larger scale. Therefore, most of our stock designs are delivered in 3 sizes - cap size, left chest and larger left chest size.

Delivery (in an e-mail) consists of files in digital formats including digital picture documentation, list of recommended thread colors and approximate thread consumption.

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